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locodelaltillo is an Argentine independent film production company born from the desire of Lucas Santa Ana to have his own production company with which to make quality projects with themes of sexual diversity.

Lucas Santa Ana made his first steps in executive production with titles such as “Young hunter” by Marco Berger, “Wolves” by Rodolfo Durán and “the sound of tulips” by Alberto Masliah. Together with Sombracine SRL he co‐produced the documentaries “Carlos Jauregui: The unforgettable fag” and “Ilse Fuskova” both about those who were pioneers of the LGTBIQ+ movement in Argentina. Among his projects as a director are “Bromance” and “Memories of a teenager” films with themes of sexual diversity that have transcended borders, reaching audiences worldwide.

Following in the footsteps of these latest projects, locodelaltillo aims to create quality Argentine cinema with themes of sexual diversity with international prestige. For that, in our production process we combine professionalism, talent and passion for what we do and we work combining talented directors and LGBT producers.

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