Carlos Jáuregui. The unforgettable fag

Documental ‐ LGTB / 2016 / 84″

Carlos Jauregui, gay rights activist, friend, lover, fighter, an icon, an inspirational of the masses. He was the first gay to come out on the cover of a magazine in the ’80s.
His conviction and courage changed the lives of Argentine LGBT community and history of a country and its laws. He fought for the visibility of gays, lesbians and transgender. He led the first Pride March in Argentina unifying the LGBTIQ movement. He laid the foundations of dialogue and the way to anti‐discrimination towards the homosexual community. He lost his life in his personal battle against HIV in 1996.


Gustavo Pecoraro
Ilse Fuskova
César Cigliutti
José Chaya
Marcelo Ferreyra
(entre otros)


Director: Lucas Santa Ana
Screenplay: Lucas Santa Ana, Gustavo Pecoraro
Executive producer: Alberto Masliah
Cinematography: Pablo Galarza
Sound director: Mariano Fernández
Editing: Martín Senderowicz, Lucas Santa Ana
Producers: Sombracine, Lucas Santa Ana

Festivals and awards

LesGaiCineMad 2017 (Best documentary, Best documentary director)
Asterisco. 3rd. LGBTIQ International Film Festival
7o Ciclo de Cine LGBT de la Frontera
Festival Cordillera, Festival de cine ecuatoriano en Argentina
MiFO, LGBT Film Festivals
MIX MEXICO, Festival de Diversidad Sexual de Cine y Video
2a. Muestra de Cine Queer
AMOR, Festival Internacional LGBT+
10º Festival de Cine, Diversidad sexual y DD. HH.
MIC Género Tour 2017
Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
FIDBA – Festival Internacional de Documental de Buenos Aires
Llamale H ‐ Festival Internacional de Cine de Diversidad Sexual.
Espacio Queer, Festival Internacional de Cine de Diversidad Sexual.

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