Ilse Fuskova

Documentary / LGBT/ 2021 / 89″

Ilse Fuskova ends her 30‐year marriage and assumes herself as a lesbian. The visibility of her in the media in the 90s installs the problem of women who live their sexuality outside the system. Promoter of the First Pride March, her life story is an example of struggle and militancy.


Directors: Liliana Furió, Lucas Santa Ana
Screenplay: Adriana Juárez, Liliana Furió, Lucas Santa Ana
Executive producer: Alberto Masliah
Producers: Sombracine, Lucas Santa Ana

Festivals and awards

Pride Arts Chicago
Transamazonico LGBTQIA+ Film Festival
Freiburger Lesbian Film Festival (Audience Award 2nd Prize)
Asterisco Film Festival (Special Mention)
Espacio Queer Film Festival
Outfest Peru Film Festival
Festival de cine LGBTQ+ de Mozambique
Cinema Diverse LGBT Palm Springs (Festival Favorite / Director’s Choice Awards)
Llamale H ‐ LGBT Film Festival Montevideo (Best Film)

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